Etincelle Santé

My Library

My entire library is available for consultation on request and by appointment.

For my students and patients, this service is free if you just want to sit down and consult books.

If you need advice and guidance, this service is billed at my hourly rate.

Web references

Like everyone else, I start most of my research with Wikipedia. I use French and English versions, and sometimes Italian and Spanish as well, depending on the information available. On the whole, their information is good to excellent, especially when it comes to scientific subjects, as the pages are regularly updated by specialists.

As a good scientist, I then continue with PubMed, the American database that contains the majority of scientific publications.

For naturopathy that’s obviously simple and natural, I’m particularly fond of Mély’s site, Chaudron Pastel. I find her articles full of skill and kindness. Her approach inspires me.

The team that supports me

I couldn’t do all this work on my own (although I’d love to), and I’m lucky enough to be accompanied and advised by some wonderful people.

Ségolène Kodja is a wonderful graphic designer, who designed my business card and the summary sheets attached to my course materials.

Alexandra Rebholz is a superb entrepreneur and my personal branding and marketing consultant. Everything that happens to the image is the fruit of our joint work, or at least validated and criticized by it.

Thanks also to Scrooge for creating a space for me, sharing tools and encouraging me to change websites to get to the one you’re reading today.

A big thank you to my colleagues and friends for the support you give me; to my patients and students for the trust you place in me; all this would be impossible without you! ❤️