Etincelle Santé

Personal unveiling

I’m happy to help you get to know yourself.

Why this term

I consider the term personal unveiling more accurate than personal development. Indeed, I find that the notion of developing oneself to be the best version of oneself can be pernicious: we risk never being good enough to blossom. On the contrary, unveiling implies that the essential is already present within you and that all you have to do is remove the veils in order to free yourself and let the light shine through.


Every human being has undergone a great deal of conditioning since birth. Some even suggest that conditioning begins during pregnancy, as the unborn child experiences many emotions in response to environmental stimuli.
Neuroscience has shown that learning is intimately linked to emotions, which explains how our brain sets up its protective strategies.
Identifying our protective mechanisms enables us to become aware of those that are really useful to us, and to differentiate them from those that were put in place to prevent us from suffering in a bygone era.

Tibetan Buddhism

In this tradition (and probably many others with which I’m less familiar), it is considered that at the heart of every human being lies the pure nature of the Buddha, which is masked by the veils of conditioning.

The aim of any spiritual, meditative or psychological practice is to gradually free oneself from these veils so that Buddhahood can express itself.
Beyond any religious notion, I find this the most logical and sensible way to help us find and express the light behind our veils.