Etincelle Santé


With my friend Joëlle, a passionate and multi-talented herbalist, we’re organizing a day out to discover the common food and medicinal plants that grow in my garden: nettle, plantain, elderberry… After a brief theoretical introduction to the many properties of these plants, we’ll get down to the practical side: resolte, cooking and home pharmacy preparations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, and we look forward to seeing you on May 28 for this hands-on workshop!


I currently teach at l’Alchémille, an excellent herbalism school in Valais. I really like the team and the spirit of the herbal technician training program.

I love passing on and sharing my passions and am currently in charge of anatomy, biochemistry, nutrition and galenics courses.

With my colleagues and friends Aline, Myriam and Noélie, we have put together a practical herbalism course for people who already have the basics and would like to do more group practice.

Training for the general public

I’m currently thinking about developing further training courses for the general public in aromatherapy, massage and the knowledge of edible and medicinal plants.

I’m more than happy to tailor-make a course for you, to give you the basics or to deepen your knowledge in the area(s) of your choice. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Recommended courses

Among the many training courses I have attended, I can happily recommend the following:

  • Herbalist technician at l’Alchémille
  • Aromatherapy atERA (Ecole Romande d’Aromathérapie), either the full course or just the two basic weekends