Etincelle Santé

Session sequence

The first session lasts 1h30 (or longer on request). I start by asking you questions about yourself, what brings you to this day and your medical history, so that I can get the best possible overview and suggest the care best suited to your situation.

If you come with a general request, e.g. “I have insomnia”, I’m going to suggest a set of approaches that might work for you. Together, we’ll determine the best approaches for you today and the strategy to apply. Together, we’ll choose the tips you feel you can follow to support your health and/or healing process.

Follow-up procedure

At the end of the first session, we’ll evaluate together the type of follow-up that’s right for you and the number of sessions we think will bring you closer to your goals.

It will therefore be possible to have regular follow-up on your request, or punctual follow-up to maintain your health and do you good.

Call me to make an appointment 🙂