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You’ll find a wide range of articles here, from scientific simplifications to philosophical reflections on spirituality and emotions, and everything in between that I enjoy.

I hope you’ll discover topics and information that will feed your curiosity and enrich your lives!

I wrote a book on contraception

After spending dozens (hundreds!) of hours researching contraception for my herbalist diploma thesis, I was convinced of the need to share this information with as

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The key to happiness

In 1938, a team of Harvard researchers began the longest study ever carried out (85 years!) on factors encouraging health and happiness. By following university

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NVC changed my life

In autumn 2021, I took a course in non-violent communication (NVC) with Pascal Gremaud as part of anEPSN training program. I already had a few

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Relationships, doubt and balance

This morning, a friend told me about the complexities of his current relationship and the questions brought to light by their situation. This discussion reminded

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Naturopathy abroad

The World Federation of Naturopathy brings together many of the world’s leading naturopaths. It was founded at the International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine in Paris,

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The invitation

A few years ago, I came across probably the most inspiring text I’d ever read. I came across it in French, on facebook, and was

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Federal diploma in naturopathy

As naturopathy is more or less recognized in different countries and contexts, it’s important to set the record straight. In Switzerland, the profession is recognized,

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Introduction to naturopathy

Naturopathy encompasses all natural therapies designed to prevent, treat and support the treatment of various illnesses. Firstly, there arelifestyle techniques such asphysical activity and nutrition.

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