Etincelle Santé

Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy

Medicinal plants are exceptional health benefits. Since the dawn of time, plants have been human allies, both in prevention and in healing. Even animals self-medicate with plants 1!


The use of medicinal plants in their entirety is grouped under this heading.
Herbal teas are the gentlest preparations. They are generally used as a first-line treatment or as an adjunct.
Mother tinctures are alcoholic preparations made according to the rigors of pharmacy. They are similar to tinctures and spiritings , which are prepared by hand. They can be taken as they are to obtain their benefits, or diluted to obtain homeopathic remedies of different dilutions.

Aromatherapy, gemmotherapy and spagyrics can be considered branches of phytotherapy.


Plant bud glycerol macerates were revived by Dr. Pol Henry, then by Philippe Andrianne.
Buds are macerated in alcohol and glycerine to extract their active ingredients.
They are excellent field remedies, for in-depth treatment or prevention.


The extraction of essential oils by steam distillation gives us the raw material for aromatherapy.
Essential oils can be smelled or breathed in, as in olfactotherapy, aromachology or even perfumery.
They can also be applied to the skin, for massage or to relieve a local ailment.
When taken orally, they mainly have a positive effect on the digestive system.
As the most powerful concentrates of active molecules, essential oils are not to be taken lightly, and require a minimum of knowledge for safe use.

1 De Roode, Lefèvre, Hunter. Self-Medication in Animals. Science, Vol. 340, pp. 150-151.